27 March 2011

Sane and rational Harry Phibbs calls for more cuts and Britain to leave the EU

What on earth is Hammersmith Tory councillor Harry Phibbs, a former scion of the rabidly right-wing Young Conservatives, on? Yesterday, he tweeted that government's cuts didn't go far enough. When asked by the Shepherd's Bush Blog what else he'd cut, he cited our EU membership. See here.

Childe Harold also said, "We are doing a good job finding savings in H&F". Yes, if a good job means slashing a third more than even the government demanded. To the great Pickles cut of 11% from H&F's budget, the local Tories in a fit of ideology added another 4%, signalling the destruction of most Sure Start early years services.

By the way, Phibbs claimed in his original tweet that 35% of the country wanted the cuts to go further. A more numerate friend pointed out that the figure was actually 29% and the 35% referred to people who, er, thought the cuts went too far. Phibbs then corrected himself. No doubt his approach to the numbers he uses to justify H&F's cuts is similarly rigorous.

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