15 October 2011

Is potty-mouthed Hammersmith Cllr Greg Smith a coprolalia sufferer?

We've already noted Tory councillor Greg Smith's inability to control his potty mouth (here and here). Now a sharp-eyed twitterer has drawn our attention to a further example of Cllr Smith's uncontrolled self-expression.

We wonder whether Cllr Smith might be a coprolalia suffer, in which case he has our sympathy. If not, surely the day is coming closer when someone will register a complaint about him bringing Hammersmith & Fulham council into disrepute?

14 October 2011

Meet Liam Fox for cash, say Hammersmith Tories

We confess that the first part of this title isn't ours but that of sharp, right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes, who has been passed an invitation to a Hammersmith Conservative Association dinner with Liam Fox on 29 November for only £65. "I am sure he will be a lively and fascinating speaker" says the invitation.

As Guido says, "It  will no longer cost you a £10,000 retainer with a lobbying firm for some face-time with Liam... Cheques made payable to Mr. A. Werritty?" Full details here.

At times like this, disgraced ex-ministers need their friends around them. And given what a sterling apologist for Liam Fox our own Tory MP for Chelsea and Fulham Greg Hands has been (see here), the dinner must surely go ahead.

10 October 2011

Greg Hands throws up smokescreen to defend Liam Fox

Greg Hands, Tory MP for Chelsea and Fulham, has been touring the TV studios this morning defending his old friend Liam Fox. He made this surprising claim: "Nothing illegal has happened. Dr Fox has made no commercial gain from this. There have been no breaches of national security".

But how can Mr Hands say so categorically that nothing illegal happened or that national security wasn't breached? Has he gained some sort of mystical insight into what the Ministry of Defence's report, due later today, will say? Or is he just indulging in the same sort of speculation (albeit in Fox's interest) that he criticises in others?

And by claiming that Dr Fox made no commercial gain, Hands is using the old politician's Aunt Sally of denying something that no-one has suggested. The allegation is that Fox's laxness (for want of a better word) enabled his close friend Adam Werritty to make commercial gain from their relationship. On that, mystic Hands is silent.

06 October 2011

Tories cut police as gun crime, burglary and motor vehicle crime rise in Hammersmith & Fulham

Gun crimes, burglaries and motor vehicle crimes in Hammersmith & Fulham have all risen sharply since last year, far outstripping London as a whole. The latest figures from the Met reveal that in August compared with the same month in 2010:

  • Crimes in which guns were used rose by 200% in H&F, while in London as a whole they actually fell by 4%.
  • Burglaries in H&F went up by 28% against an also worrying London-wide increase of 14%.
  • Thefts of and from motor vehicles in H&F increased by 41%, but by only 0.085% across London.

 Source: Metropolitan Police

Meanwhile, Tory H&F council is cutting neighbourhood police sergeants and slashing the police budget by more than £600,000 this year and nearly £2 million over three years.

A toxic combination of local Tory ideologues and Boris Johnson in County Hall is making our community less safe.