14 March 2011

More thuggish Tory buildings to go up in Hammersmith

Conservative councillors have voted through plans for two dirty great new buildings in Hammersmith Grove, both out of keeping with the local area and very much what locals don’t want. As is par for the course, the plans were poorly researched and weakly justified but the Tories pushed them through anyway.

Opposition leader Steve Cowan's report - see here - makes worrying reading both for what the Tories are doing and how they are going about it.

He comments, "I have long believed that the planning process is stitched up by this Conservative Administration well in advance. They have even put videos out giving strong hints that this was the case but I hadn’t realised what pressure Administration councillors on the committee were under to stick to the agreed plan until I saw how they reacted to even small amendments or suggested deferrals. That doesn’t bode well for the contentious Town Hall, Shepherds Bush Market and Hammersmith Embankment schemes all on the near horizon."

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