27 April 2008

Rupert Bear makes H&F videos

If you haven't done so yet, check out Rupert Bear's videos on YouTube (see link in previous blog below).

Mr Bear has excellent musical taste, some vintage footage and is obviously very well informed about the shenanigans at Tory H&F council. All done with a sense of humour.

Keep it up, Mr Bear!

21 April 2008

Tories in buy-election shock

Regular hfconwatch readers will be used to the horrors of the Tory council in Hammersmith & Fulham. But the latest news from the council takes some beating.

With a by-election in Sands End ward due on 1 May, you would expect the council to steer clear of local issues.

But no, today the council has issued a press release about a multi-million pound funding package for Imperial Wharf station in the ward.

This decision has not yet been taken by the council but is due to be discussed by the Tory cabinet on 28 April, just three days before the by-election.

But in case local residents missed it, the council's press office has alerted them, even though the cabinet paper about the proposal is not available on the web.

This disgraceful use of public funds for a buy-election will be of interest to the Electoral Commission, Audit Commission and other relevant authorities.

PS another paper has appeared at the last minute on the cabinet agenda about extra care housing being developed in Imperial Wharf! The Tories must be worried that all Sands End residents are talking about are the cuts to local services, for children and older people alike.

16 April 2008

Embarrassment in Sands End

The corridors of Hammersmith town hall and other council offices are echoing to the sound of Embarrassment, the classic hit from the 1980s.

Find out why at:


It's Madness!

13 April 2008

French lessons in Sands End

The Du-by-election in Sands End has put the Tory council's cuts into sharp focus.

The ward has seen some of the biggest cuts in the borough, not least the closure of Peterborough primary school after more than a hundred years.

The council has been negotiating with the French government about the Peterborough site being sold off as a school for French citizens.

Sands End is the southern-most ward in Hammersmith et Fromage.

Arctic monkey

Hammersmith & Fulham MP Greg Hands has been unusually quiet this week, especially about his latest exploits.

He has just returned from three nights in the Arctic as a guest of the Norwegian government. Apparently he was extending his carbon footprint in the pursuit of climate change.

Greg looks particularly fetching in a photo with two husky dogs.

03 April 2008

The Du-by-election

Dubai is a long way to go to escape local Tory politics in Hammersmith & Fulham.

But that's where the Conservative councillor for Sands End, Jeanette Bentley, has gone - for a job apparently, according to the Bristow blog. She hasn't been seen in the borough for months so had to resign.

The by-election in Sands End takes place on 1 May, at the same time as the London mayoral election, thereby guaranteeing a higher than normal turnout in a ward which has faced huge Tory cuts in local services and facilities.

Which Conservative councillor will be the next to stand down?