28 March 2010

Election stories wanted

Please send any info and stories about Tory sightings and activities in H&F to: hfconwatch@hotmail.co.uk

Just over five weeks to go...

The final word

The main item on the agenda of the last Tory cabinet meeting in H&F before the council elections on 6 May is a shocking indictment of the last four years.

The Local Government Ombudsman submitted to the council on 19 January 2010 a report with a finding that the complainant, a homeless pregnant woman who presented to Housing Options Division as homeless in 2008, suffered maladministration and injustice.

That's how the official report puts it. See how it really was: http://hfconwatch.blogspot.com/2010/01/true-face-of-camerons-caring.html

Best in show?

Tory H&F council has just received an award for being best at:

- sacking council employees
- cutting local services
- closing and selling off community facilities
- hiking fees and charges to residents
- selling off estates to developers
- not helping homeless people
- breaking election manifesto promises
- introducing charges for homecare
- devising secret budgets
- scaremongering

Only the Tories would be proud of these ten 'achievements'.

21 March 2010

Secret Budget mark II

Having won the 2006 council elections with a secret budget, H&F Tories are trying the same trick again.

But council finances are much worse after four years of Tory control so they have not been able to repeat their promises to emulate Wandsworth council. There are no pledges to cut council tax beyond 2011.

Instead local residents should be very worried about huge cuts to local services if the Tories get re-elected on 6 May. With budget 'risks' of more than £25 million, cuts are inevitable with higher fees and charges for those who need services most; another 1,000 jobs in danger; and local services and facilities closed down and sold off.

Just one example. In the north of the borough the Wormholt Tenants and Residents Association has been told to move out of Wormholt library where it has held activities and meetings for decades - to be replaced by a fee-paying prep school. But in the recession parents locally have been taking children out of private education and putting them in local primary schools at the same time as Tory H&F council closed a primary school. The result of course is that local primary schools are now oversubscribed and parents can't get their children educated locally!

Smart move....

Where did Shaun Bailey get that coat from?

The first weekend of real spring weather and Shaun Bailey is pictured on the front of the Guardian Weekend magazine, well wrapped up for a winter afternoon on Portobello Road.

All that was lacking was the caption: "I've never voted Tory before but I do want to cut Trident." You know it makes sense.

14 March 2010

Another Nazi piece of work

Strangely the day after the blog below on the Young Britons' Foundation, this piece has appeared in today's Sunday Mirror: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/03/14/council-boss-who-s-nazi-piece-of-work-115875-22109473/

PS. The offending officer has now been sacked by the council. Unlike the Tory cabinet member, Lucy Ivimy, who made racist remarks reported all round the world about H&F tenants.

13 March 2010

H&F Tory links to controversial right wing foundation

Tory MP Greg Hands and H&F Tory cabinet member Cllr Greg Smith have been linked to the right wing Young Britons' Foundation.

The Foundation's leader and former H&F councillor, Donal Blaney, has called the NHS Britain's 'biggest waste of money', claimed global warming is a 'scam' and suggested that the water-boarding of prisoners can be justified.

Greg Smith, who also coordinates Shaun Bailey's campaign in Hammersmith, co-founded the YBF which trains Conservative politicians and activists.

Donal Blaney has repeatedly attacked David Cameron's leadership of the Conservative Party. Local Tory MP Greg Hands is also heavily involved with the Young Britons' Foundation and sits on the organisation's Parliamentary Council.

12 March 2010

H&F gridlocked

Traffic chaos in H&F is getting worse thanks to Tory H&F council.

Not content with closing off much of the north of the borough around Goldhawk Road, the council has now told residents that the roadworks at Seven Stars will continue for two weeks longer than previously announced. The council blames its favourite whipping boy, Thames Water, but fails to take responsibility itself.

Add to that the continuing weekend closures of Hammersmith Bridge and never-ending hold-ups on Fulham Palace Road, there is no point trying to drive locally. So on your bike Cllr Greenhalgh.

02 March 2010

Questions to ask Shaun Bailey (if you see him)

1) How much has Lord Ashcroft given your campaign?
2) And why has Caroline Nash given you so much money?
3) Where do you live?
4) Why don't you write your own PR material?
5) And what do you really think about the 'super sewer'?

Any answers please to: hfconwatch@hotmail.co.uk