10 June 2010

Cameron's caring council closes carers' centre

Without a hint of irony, Tory H&F council has announced - just days before Carers Week (14-20 June) - that its funding for H&F Carers Centre will end this month.

The decision means the centre will have to close after 12 years. No alternative support or services for carers have been put in place. Families will now have to struggle even more on their own. Happy Carers Week!

PS One wonders what the Princess Royal makes of H&F council's decision to close one of her centres?
PPS The protests against the decision by new Tory cabinet member Cllr Joe Carlebach are mounting...

08 June 2010

"We cannot afford to care"

Those words are already coming back to haunt H&F Tory leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh, just days after denying he used them at the annual council meeting.

News has just reached hfconwatch that H&F Carers Centre is to be closed after 12 years supporting carers and their families in the borough.

Following a lengthy review, the Tory council has decided to close the centre -without putting in place any other services for carers.

Cllr Greenhalgh has made it clear that reducing the council's debt is a priority compared to supporting carers or running summer projects for disabled children.

Watch this space for more Tory cuts coming your way soon...