23 December 2008

H&F's twelve days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas our Tory council sent to us:

Twelve pounds 40p an hour for home care
Eleven per cent increase in spending on spin
Ten polo players
Nine homeless hostels axed
Eight months without a tube station
Seven estates under threat
Six hundred higher charges
Five thousand pounds pay rise for the leader
Four thousand two hundred redundancy notices
Three French schools
Two schools closed and
A call centre in Rochdale.

17 December 2008

What a choice

Tory H&F council is consulting residents on the future of the long-standing garden waste recycling scheme in the borough.

The choices are:

a) stop the service (and stop garden waste recycling)
b) pay for each collection as happens for large household goods eg wardrobes, sofas etc
c) pay a minimum of £23 a year for the service which was free until the Tories introduced charges

Another Tory con, another Tory cut - what a choice!

From 'super sewer' to health scare

The Tories are using H&F council's PR and spin operation to scaremonger again.

Not long after residents saw through the Tories' 'super sewer' threats, the council has issued unwarranted warnings about the future of Charing Cross hospital in the latest H&F News.

The Tories have 'form' on the hospital, having claimed it was going to close in the 2005 general election. In 2008 it is of course alive and kicking as 'the largest and busiest hospital in west London'.

That last bit by the way is a recent quote from Tory H&F leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh (whose dad works at Charing Cross hospital as he reminds everyone whenever he can). Clearly Cllr Greenhlagh is busy trying to distract residents from the Tory cuts in local council services.

What will be next? Answers please to: hfconwatch@hotmail.co.uk

15 December 2008

Christmas treats

It's that time of the year again and hfconwatch is preparing its end of year specials.

So please send any ideas for Christmas treats for H&F council plus suggestions for new year resolutions 2009 to: hfconwatch@hotmail.co.uk

Biting the hand that feeds

H&F council press releases often quote the so-called Taxpayers Alliance to justify the latest spending cuts by the Tory regime.

Now the Taxpayers Alliance has spotted that H&F council's spending on PR and spin rose by more than 11% last year.

So maybe we'll see fewer press releases, posters and sewer stunts in 2009?

Missing in action

Having devoted himself 100% to winning in Middlesbrough, Tory H&F cabinet member and councillor for Fulham Reach Paul Bristow has disappeared from the world stage.

We are sad to report that the much maligned Bristow Blog (www.thebristowblog.typepad.com) has been removed from public consumption.

Perhaps it is being sanitised by Conservative central office now Paul is standing for Parliament, so that the voters of Middlesbrough don't get a chance to see the real Bristow.

12 December 2008

Putting developers first

H&F Tory council's relationships with developers is causing chaos across the borough.

Plans to develop a special school in West Kensington have been put on hold because the council wants to completely redevelop the Gibbs Green estate for a conference and exhibition centre, never mind the thousands of residents who live there.

Elsewhere a huge battle is raging between Tesco and Waitrose and their developers over the town hall development in King Street - again regardless of the local residents, many of whom are blind and have lived in the area for years.

Yet more examples of Tory H&F council putting residents last.

09 December 2008

From the horse's mouth

According to the Evening Standard (so it must be true), Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith, Shaun Bailey, is learning to ride - apparently so he can play polo and go hunting.

No doubt Bailey is preparing himself for the international polo tournament in Hurlingham Park next year or his next appearance in Tatler. Rather than canvassing in Shepherds Bush.

06 December 2008

In the footsteps of Cyril Smith

Better known as the birthplace of Gracie Fields, Rochdale is soon to host the H&F council call centre following a decision by the Tory cabinet.

This may seem strange to most H&F residents who are fed up with talking to their banks' call centres in remote locations. But the decision to re-locate is driven by one reason only - the fact that H&F council's IT supplier has a large operation based at Rochdale council.

That may be fine for Rochdale residents but it's hardly putting H&F residents first. Never mind refuse collection or school holidays or street litter or parking problems, will the new call centre be able to answer enquiries about the forthcoming polo tournament in the borough?