21 March 2011

Hammersmith council hikes top salaries then cuts £33m from ordinary people's services

Supposedly efficient Tory Hammersmith & Fulham, which is one of the smallest boroughs in London, is paying its top bureaucrats some of the largest salaries. Last year, just nine people took home a total of £2,002,719 and the council gave H&F officials up to a 16% salary increase.

Then there are the huge fees H&F pays to "consultants", including Private Eye's "Retiree of the Year" Nick Johnson, who got £225,611 for running the council's housing management service (see blog, Pickles turns a blind eye to the H&F council official earning £286k plus a £50k pension).

Labour leader Steve Cowan says, "Just a few weeks ago, H&F's Conservative Administration voted through £33 million of cuts to many vital front line services. It is hard to comprehend why they didn’t cut any of these salaries or indeed the numbers of senior officials as has happened in other councils."

See Steve's detailed analysis of the situation here.

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