28 March 2011

The Andrew Lansley Rap's riff on H&F Tory donor John Nash

In what must be a first, the latest rap to take YouTube by storm rails against the government's plans to introduce utilities-style competition into the NHS. The Andrew Lansley Rap by MC NxtGen is a bit crude but, as the Guardian puts it, perfectly skewers its target.

It even includes this riff on John Nash, who long-standing readers of this blog will recall has through his wife Caroline generously donated fifty thousand pounds to the Hammersmith & Fulham Conservative Party in recent years (see blog here and the Electoral Commission record here):
"He's been given cash / by John Nash / chairman of Care UK, / a private healthcare provider, / who, if they have their own way, / will be the biggest beneficiaries / of Conservative Lib-Dem policies / to privatise healthcare, pull apart the welfare state."
Care UK is well regarded locally as a long-standing provider of care to H&F residents, being paid £2 million by the council in the first quarter of last year alone, according to the council's payments' list here (Care UK Homecare £1,427,423 and Care UK Community Partnership Ltd £585,110).

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