31 March 2011

Lady Borwick to buy a whip to keep Tory colleagues in line

Baroness Borwick, a councillor in Hammersmith & Fulham's triborough partner Kensington - who is also the London Assembly member responsible for culture - has apparently promised to buy a real whip to "add some bite" to her new role as Chief Whip of the Conservative group for the 2012 London elections. 

Shame she hasn't shown the same energy in protecting west London's culture from government-driven cuts.


Victoria Borwick said...

Munira Mirza has the culture brief at the GLA.

Andrew Boff is the Conservative lead on Assembly on the Economic Development, Culture Media and Sport Committee, which is Chaired by Len Duval.

My remit is Civil Liberties

or talk to me about pedestrian safety and air quality in Oxford Street.

Not sure who our culture Czar is at K&C although I know that Daniel Moylan takes a great interest in such matters.


hfconwatch said...

Thanks for the correction - we'd given you greater responsibility for culture than was merited by your membership of the Economic Development & Culture, Sport & Tourism Committee.