22 March 2011

Greedy Hammersmith Tories not using their privileged Olympic tickets to help local charities

Hammersmith & Fulham Tories are showing no interest in helping local charities to benefit from the privileged allocation of tickets the Tories have been offered for the most popular Olympic events.

The Olympic organisers are giving councillors, Tory and LibDem ministers and Mayor Boris Johnson the chance to leapfrog the general public and buy tickets ahead of ordinary sports fans for events such as the finals of the athletics, track cycling and swimming and the opening and closing ceremonies.

When local blogger Chris Underwood broke this story, he suggested that, rather than snaffle the tickets for themselves, Hammersmith Tories should auction their tickets to raise money for local charities. Labour leader Steve Cowan also said the tickets should be used for the benefit of some local worthy cause.

The council's response? Silence. There appears to be no worthier cause for local Tories than their own good selves.

If they want to prove us wrong, we'd suggest auctioning half the tickets and raffling the rest to give local people on lower incomes a chance of getting one. That would combine charitable giving with fairness to all.

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