31 May 2007

The Blues get the Blues

Hammersmith & Fulham Tories' love affair with Chelsea Football Club hasn't lasted long.

After milking Chelsea's Premiership title in May 2006 shortly after their council election victory, it's a different story in 2007.

Despite winning two cups, Chelsea fans have been denied a victory parade through the streets of Fulham this year.

What had become almost an annual event has been scrapped as another victim of local cuts.


MING said...

It is evidentally untrue that the cuts you talk about are taking place, because (copy and paste the URL please because I'm not using hyper links) the following resource appeared on the council web site :


where the key passage you will deal with is :

Councillor Greenhalgh continues, "Delivering on our council tax promises means cutting waste and bureaucracy and looking to the market to see if services can be delivered more efficiently. We are not ideologically wedded to privatisation but surely it is prudent for in house services to be forced to compete with private contractors to see if the same, or even better, services can be delivered more efficiently.”


MING said...

Please also ensure you post and distribute publically available contact information, such as the ones given elsewhere in this blog (eg for Lillis) at the protest meeting.

Its only a suggestion. Therefore, do take it up.