01 May 2007

New warning about Tory rightwingers in H&F

The notoriety of the Conservative council in Hammersmith & Fulham is spreading. See the latest warning from today's Guardian:


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MING said...

Good morning.

I presume you would be refering mainly to the following paragraph in the newspaper article you mentioned. Am I right?

"Yet it matters. Local government goes largely unreported: few ever hear how unlike Cameron speeches real Conservatives in action are. Tories are promising tax and spending cuts up and down the country if they win. Rightwing ideologues took over Hammersmith and Fulham a year ago from a well-run Labour group, cutting council tax by 3p, cutting £14.4m from children's services, housing, care for the frail and charity grants and closing a mental health centre. Tory Walsall is cutting vulnerable children's services, so is Swindon, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. The list of cuts elsewhere is long, but for those with short memories, that's what Conservatives usually do."