14 May 2007

A year out of time

The Tories in Hammersmith & Fulham have been smugly proclaiming how the Audit Commission has just changed the council's CPA rating and awarded the council 4 stars (rather than 3 stars - see previous blog).

What the Conservative council fails to mention in its press release is that the ratings were based on the 2005-6 performance of the council ie under a different administration. And a long time before the Tories' savage programme of cuts took effect from this April.

We will see what the Audit Commission makes of the council during its current assessment of the chaos and mess in schools, home helps and meals on wheels, policing, street cleaning, libraries, affordable housing etc etc etc caused by the £34 million cuts in local services.

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MING said...

The Audit Commmsion, again, very openly consults with various groups within the Council.

If you require information regards how to meet up with the Audit Commission, please let me know.

The Council, is again, very open about these matters.

I suggest, with every (I repeat *every*) respect, that people with something to say about the audit commission, provide their views to the commission.

A simple yes or no, would suffice for the purposes of the council providing information on the audit commission.

emails to me are possible (and indeeed welcome) : r96harris@yahoo.com