22 May 2007

One 'clerical error' corrected, another one pops up

Three months after voting themselves an 18% pay rise while making £34 million cuts in local services, Tory councillors are set to correct what they claim was 'a clerical error' at next week's council meeting.

Clearly embarrassed by the backlash about their massive pay rise, the Conservatives are backtracking again.

Bizarrely, the council agenda also announces a new cabinet post for 'Residents' Services'. How this differs from all the other cabinet posts responsible for services for residents is not clear. Perhaps as the new cabinet member, Cllr Bristow will be responsible for preventing more clerical errors.


MING said...

I think, there are probably more clerical errors in the proposals for the libraries.

You have to hear those to believe those.

Do contact me dear Mr Blogmaster.


hfconwatch said...

Do tell us more.

MING said...

I would happily tell you more, but I have to keep the excitment going.

How exactly?

Please see the various sources to see the good job that has been done thus far.

I can only refer to the cabinet reports (for now that is), available on the net, showing the following :

14 May 2007 (Pg 18 onwards on the following electronic copy)

(slightly different on the paper version)


19 Feb 2007 (Pg 84 onwards on the following electronic copy)

(slightly different on the paper version)


As the reports show, there are no material clerical errors in the reports.

I would elaborate on these matters; I'm rather surprised nobody has congratulated the party for this excellent work.

Feedback is welcome, and I won't have to resort to keeping quiet on this.

Bring it on .. I'm only here awaiting.

19 Feb 2007 (Pg 79 onwards)

hfconwatch said...

Please do explain further...