14 May 2007

Conservative hypocrisy on migration

Recently well known moderate Tory MP Greg Hands called for limits on immigration from Bulgaria and Romania to be scrapped. Today Conservative Hammersmith & Fulham council joined three other right wing local authorities in an unsubtle attack on migrant workers, claiming that the numbers don't stack up.

What is particularly galling is the fact that London's economy is being positively propelled by workers from Eastern Europe who pay income tax, national insurance and - guess what - council tax.

And closer to home, there can't be a Tory councillor who hasn't used a Polish nanny or builder or decorator or car washer or cleaner. Or maybe one from somewhere else in Eastern Europe. Or whose business hasn't employed a migrant worker.


Hammersmith Unite said...

It's only taken one year for these racists to show their true blue colours. No disrespect to the brilliant Chelsea Football Club or its fans intended.

This is racism cloaked by an attack on a soft target by an ignorant administration.

Sadly, this is only the begining.

MING said...

Dear Mr BlogMeister,

you could no doubt be inviting comment from the relevant parties on whether they use Polish plumbers and the like?

Please post to the blog.

Thanks .. as always.

MING said...

Do you need the councillors surgeries to put the question across?

You will understand that councillors are being paid to do this, and they will happily take your questions.

Do you need the councillor's surgery dates?

Again, yes for yes, and no for no.

Or email me, r96harris@yahoo.com