22 May 2007

Tory cabinet agrees 'sale of the century'

Some of the most historic public buildings in Hammersmith & Fulham, including many that house voluntary and community groups, are to be sold off by the Conservative Council.

The cabinet last week agreed to sell the following community assets:

South Lodge, Magravine Cemetery
Castle Club, Broomhouse Lane
6 Wolverton Gardens
Lee Lane, Maidenhead
2a Askew Crescent
59 Godolphin Road (The Hut Association)
College Park Community Hall
Southcombe Street car park
145 Hammersmith Road (Council young persons service)
153 Hammersmith Road (MIND)
182 Hammersmith Road (Carers Centre and Black British Heritage)
Wormholt Community Centre

Selling these properties may help the Tories make a one-off council tax cut, but once sold, these valuable buildings and community facilities will be lost to the borough forever.

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