20 May 2007

Tory council celebrates blogging half-century

This blog began last October when it was becoming clear what the Tory council planned to do in Hammersmith & Fulham. Just over six months later, things are going from bad to worse.

The last week has seen cuts in library services despite a public consultation opposing many of the proposals, the sale of many publicly owned assets in the borough, together with an attempt to distract attention from the £34 million cuts programme by blaming immigrants.

But there have been some famous victories for the campaigners - not least the council backdown on closing Hurlingham & Chelsea school and the re-think on home care charging. And opposition to the Conservative council is growing across the borough as local residents, unions, community groups and voluntary organisations fight back.

To mark this 50th hfconwatch blog, there is a new look. It cost nothing unlike the recent h&f council makeover.

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