27 April 2007

Exposed: huge cuts in voluntary sector funding

When the Tory cabinet in Hammersmith & Fulham presented their proposed funding for the voluntary sector at a packed meeting last week (see previous blog), they were adamant there were no cuts in funding for the sector overall - just 'reprioritisation'.

Now the truth can be revealed:

* overall funding for 2007-8 is £4.276 million but that hides a big cut within the year: from April-September funding is £2.345 million; from October-March it drops to £1.930 million with the new grants regime

* then in 2008-9 funding is slashed from £4.276 million to £3.182 million - a cut of 26% in one year!

It's been a bad week for Cllr Antony Lillis. He is responsible for the embarrassing climbdown on closing Hurlingham & Chelsea school which has left the Tories' schools strategy in disarray (see previous blog).

Now he has been exposed on voluntary sector funding - no cuts indeed!

It is time for Cllr Lillis to resign.


Jon said...

Cllr Lillis certainly has had a bad week.

I'm gobsmacked that neither he nor Cllr Bottlebank Fowler have offered their resignations over the Hurlingham and Chelsea fiasco. The needless disruption and damage they've caused to education in H+C is unforgivable.

But then again, from what I hear, all decisions are taken by Cllr Greenhalgh. Perhaps neither Lillis nor Fowler feel any responsibility for the actions of Children's Services. Lets hope they're spending their Cabinet Members allowances wisely - doubles all round?

hfconwatch said...

Yes - and Cllr Lillis is still denying (in this week's Chronicle) that the council is cutting funding to the voluntary sector despite the figures for 2007-8 and 2008-9 from his own cabinet report.

Time for his last orders.

Ming said...

This is good reporting. Now, can you direct me to the actual report itself.

If you provide some clues, I should be able to find it.

email me directly on mho500@gmail.com .. for this or any reason you might be able to think of.


Ming said...

Hello Jon. In reference to your post - what you say would beg the question regards how united the current party is now.

Do say a bit on that if you can.

Thank you in anticipation.