01 January 2009

hfconwatch review of 2008

hfconwatch is delighted to reflect on our top five stories of the year:

* Pull the other one - the long-running saga about the closure of Shepherds Bush central line station when the council put residents last again for the Westfield development

* How much longer for Councillor Alford? Except that councillor awful was replaced by someone even worse, who captured national media attention instantly

* Tories in buy-election shock - sparked by a Tory councillor fleeing to Dubai; every effort was made to spend money to win the Du-by election in Sands End while making £36 million cuts across the borough

* Rochdale calling - several months later it still seems crazy that the council is relocating its call centre to Rochdale of all places.

* Family friendly policies given the boot - who would have believed that all council staff would be given redundancy notices? Not the Tories' best idea.

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