19 March 2008

How much longer for Cllr Alford?

Word has reached hfconwatch that Cllr Adronie Alford, Tory cabinet member for housing in H&F, is to be sacked shortly.

This follows the debacle in H&F Homes, an appalling one star inspection, and resignations of the chair and chief executive. Tenants are appalled at the Tory attacks on caretakers and sheltered housing wardens.

Cllr Awful is set to become H&F's next mayor as a sop. What a chain of events.


Anonymous said...

About time too! My colleagues in the housing department openly joke about her being a lightweight.

I cannot sign my name because I work at the Council but I will be out in a year and I will post more about this then.

ming said...

We await with baited breath your posts. Leave some calling cards behind when you leave! Bestest

ming said...

ps : does the Mayor's job come with a pay rise or an administrative error?

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear.

what will they do next?

Take the ALMO back in house, and flog off vacant properties to the vhighest bidder?

MING said...

Well, yes of course. Another nice property to buy. Have those properties come on the market in say 6 months time. Can you manage that?

Is the public toilet at Fulham Broadway going to be sold off?

Anonymous said...

Oh Good. Adronie Alford was devious and coniving. At last she is going. The least respected conservative counsellor in the Borough who was biased to constituents who came to her for help with housing problems. She was in favour of the landlord and not the tenant. The winds of change ought to give her old age more wrinkles.