20 October 2008

'Family friendly' policies given the boot at H&F council

Tory H&F council (David Cameron's 'favourite council') has just issued 90-day redundancy notices to all 4200 staff. This is so they can substantially cut staff terms and conditions including halving maternity leave, imposing seven day working, cutting leave and it goes on.

Why is such an attack on staff necessary? What are the 'service-critical savings' to be gained by preventing staff flexing out sometimes at 3pm to pick up kids from schools that generally (including in H&F) end the day at 3.30 pm? Or cutting maternity leave in half (or more)? Or reducing carers' leave to 15 hours a year?

Welcome to 'family friendly' H&F council - giving us another taster of what a Conservative government would do.

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