02 February 2008

Pull the other one

Having colluded in the closure of Shepherds Bush central line station, the Tory council has issued a press release with its leader Stephen Greenhalgh claiming credit for TfL concessions the day before the station closed on 2 February.

The Tories clearly failed to understand how upset local residents are about the station closure and even published a leaflet supporting the closure.

Desperately trying to backtrack, the Tories are now trying to claim credit for the campaign waged by Andrew Slaughter, MP for Shepherds Bush, which has exposed the truth about why the station has been closed and led to TfL making major improvements to alternative services during the closure.

Pull the other one, Cllr Greenhalgh. Readers can write to the Tory leader of the council at stephen.greenhalgh@lbhf.gov.uk and ask why the council colluded with the developers and supported the station closure and how the council will compensate businesses and others affected.

You can be sure that if a station in Fulham was threatened with long-term closure that the Tories would oppose it vigorously.

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