14 January 2009

Parking a lot of risks

In addition to making an extra £32 million cuts in local services over the next three years (see blog below), Tory H&F council's budget papers hide millions of pounds more of so-called financial 'risks'.

These include the 'risk' of losing £2.5 million parking income and of losing £700,000 from differential charging from penalty tickets. Yet there is no explanation of what has gone wrong, simply that these massive losses should be treated as a risk.

It was special pleading from Tory H&F council that caused London Councils to agree in H&F to two levels of penalty charge - £80 for less serious infringements and £120 for more serious ones. In H&F almost all penalty tickets are £120. The Tories' greed to soak residents has caused this latest 'risk' to happen.


Anonymous said...

For "more serious" contraventions:
The full charge is £120.*
The discounted penalty charge is £60:
this applies if payment is received within 14 days of the date of issue of the PCN.

hfconwatch said...

Corrected - it's £120 and £80.