26 January 2009

Welcome to the town hall of cuts

Amidst the latest round of spending cuts by Tory H&F council (£61 million since 2007 and counting), visitors to H&F town hall are greeted by an unpleasant smell as the foyer is refurbished.

It's clear where the Tories priorities lie. Having cut services across the borough, they are now splashing out on the town hall entrance. Exactly how much is it costing?


Anonymous said...

They want to refurbish the exits the amount of local people who work for the council they are getting rid of. This is typical of them - all window dressing and no substance.

Anonymous said...

You divvies!

It's not being "refurbished" (in the way you're trying to spin it).

The reception floor was falling apart - holes in it, raised sections, and people falling over on the way in. The smell is from the plastic/vinyl base covering to make it *safe*.

Lord above...

hfconwatch said...

Yes it does stink! Like all the other stuff reported in hfconwatch.