22 March 2008

Tories cost H&F residents more

Residents in Hammersmith & Fulham have been hit by a succession of big increases in fees and charges for council services - from parking and recycling to adult education.

The largest hikes have been imposed by the Tories on the young, the old and the disabled. The cost of children's play services has gone up 121%. Meals on wheels prices have gone up 50%.

But the biggest scandal is the Tory plan to charge elderly, sick and disabled residents for home care services - despite a pledge at the 2006 council elections not to introduce home care charges.

Now the Tories will charge £12.40 an hour for home care. While Tory council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh has just awarded himself a £5,000 pay rise.

No wonder he is known as the Fat Controller.

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ming said...

The Fat Controller did you say? I think I saw him blocking an entrance of a shop recently. He seemed to have a baby, but am not sure whose baby it was.