08 March 2008

Fat controller jumps into trough

Why has Tory H&F council leader Stephen Greenhalgh been awarded a £5000 pay increase for doing something he should already be doing?

The last full council meeting agreed a new £5000 payment to the 'lead member for recruitment' - who happens to be the council leader. Nice work etc.

In the meantime the council also agreed £36 million cuts in local services.

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ming said...

Dear HFConwatch

You normally post entertaining and revealing posts, but this time you have let yourself down.

Obviously, the answer is the £5000 extra to Mr Greenhalgh is a hidden pay rise.

Greenhalgh needs or wants a pay rise after you "horrible people" managed to find out the "administrative error" that gave him the pay rise he wanted.

Greenhalgh got caught out then, just as he has now, increasing his pay whilst cutting borough services, leading to problems such as an increase in rat population co-inciding with measures to decrease in other underdesirables.

A very silly question you asked HFCONWATCH. The answer is obvious.

Naturally, all this is only my opinion...