19 March 2008

Issues for Sands End voters to consider

Sands End has borne the brunt of many Tory cuts in Hammersmith & Fulham - Peterborough primary school is being closed and sold to the French, Hurlingham & Chelsea secondary school was under threat for over a year, the Castle Club for children has been sold off and now Sands End laundry is being axed.

In total the Tories are making more than £36 million cuts in local services. These include:

Cuts to care services for elderly, sick and disabled residents £2,804,000
Cuts to environment, highways maintenance budget £1,633,000
Cuts to street cleaning and refuse collection budgets £980,000
Cuts to environmental public protection & safety budget £687,000
Cuts to the planning department £562,000
Cuts to the play and youth service £500,000
Cuts to the foster care service £180,000
Cuts to high maintenance care for elderly, sick and disabled residents £100,000
Growth in parking income £550,000
Cuts to library services £200,000
Cuts to mental health day care facilities £100,000
Cuts to children’s discretionary educational grants £90,000


Lisa@WhereforCare said...

It is vitally important that any cuts in health care do not affect the quality of service delivered. www.whereforcare.co.uk in the care homes ratings and reviews website, and instigating a programme of continually posting reviews of care facilities in the Hammersmith and Fulham area will ensure that if standards are declining, it will hopefully quickly become apparent.

ming said...

The Cowan Report! Excellent. Some lessons obviously taken on board then.