10 March 2008

H&F cabinet member goes AWOL

The Tory cabinet member for residents services in Hammersmith & Fulham has gone missing again. Or more to the point Paul Bristow seems more interested in residents in other parts of the country.

He has just missed out on becoming the Tory Parliamentary candidate for York Central. This disappointment follows several other attempts to get selected elsewhere.

You can always tell when Paul is away on the campaign trail because his blog goes mysteriously quiet. So desperate was he to fill the blank spaces that he even got Cllr Greg Smith to write a most boring diatribe about crime recently.

Still, I'm sure it won't stop Paul having a go at others for having a life beyond H&F. Touche Bristow!

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Anonymous said...

Dear HF Conwatch

I'm not sure if you saw this below but I posted this on Bristow's blog and he deleted it. He obviously does not enjoy being on the end of the type of criticism that he doles out to others. Classic behaviour of a bully.



This is what I said:

"Mr. Bristow

This is really small-minded and a very spiteful little story designed to imply that Lisa Homan will stop being an Askew councillor.

I am actually quite amazed at your hypocrisy and lack of judgement as you have (by your own accounts) been unsuccessfully trying to get parliamentary seats all over the country pretty much immediately after you were first elected which is still only under two years ago. Does this mean that you're planning to step down from being a councillor as your friend Ed suggests?

I also understand that you appeared in a TV programme for wannabe MPs five or six years ago, when you were in your early twenties and in which you made a complete fool of yourself. Nobody more than you sums up the empty-headed, chinless, privilidged ambition that sadly calls many into Tory politics these days.

I hear that you have been rejected by Tory Associations in London, Essex and elsewhere. I understand why.

At least Lisa has served as a councillor for nearly ten years and very works hard for her Askew constituents.

Very poor work Mr. Bristow. Very poor.

Johnny Gee
Not A Supporter Or A Friend Of Yours"