27 January 2008

Housing chaos sparks resignation call

The resignation of both the chair and chief executive of H&F Homes, a damning assessment of its performance and plans to slash caretakers' pay have led to demands that the cabinet member responsible, Cllr Adronie Alford, should also resign.

The Tories claim that their housing proposals are a key part of creating a 'borough of opportunity'.

The only opportunities are for property speculators with more council-owned homes due to be sold off in addition to the recently announced sale of hostels for homeless people. And the Tory plans to help people buy a flat have failed miserably.

Now the failings in H&F Homes could mean the loss of the huge investment for renovating thousands of properties in the borough.

All in all, Cllr Alford needs to move out and find a new home.

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ming said...

Dear HFConwatch

You are right of course, the resignation of the chair and CEO HF Homes is very damning.

The question it naturally raises is how many other council officials feel the same way; ie how many of them would want to resign but can't, or, wish the Sands End by election would turf one more Tory councillor off.