27 January 2008

Tory propaganda knows no boundaries

Huge posters about H&F council tax and performance have appeared in several local tube stations recently.

Strangely these posters have even been put up at Turnham Green station which is well out of the borough (and at Shepherds Bush central line station which the Tories are so keen to see closed this week).

The posters proclaim the 2006 four star performance rating awarded for the last year of the previous council adminstration. The 2007 ratings are due to be published shortly.

And there is no word of all the cuts in local services and closures to pay for the small (50p a week) cut in council tax or the higher fees and charges residents are now expected to pay.


Albert Shanker said...

Er, the 2006 performance ratings, like in Camden take into accounf the performance of the previous administration and the 2007 (if it's the same) is a 4 year audit - so perhaps the Tories are shooting themselves in the foot here?!

hfconwatch said...

Well spotted Albert!