06 January 2008

Protest at school closures decision

Hammersmith Town Hall is the scene of the latest protest against schoool closures in the borough on Monday 7 January.
There will be a lobby of the Cabinet from 6.30pm followed by deputations opposing the proposed closures of Peterborough Primary School and Gibbs Green Special School.

The council published its response to the consultation over the closure of these two schools just before Christmas. Now they intend to rubber stamp the closure at the Cabinet meeting on Monday – just as the schools are returning.
Not surprisingly nine months of consultation has made no difference to the Tory councillors. They just want to close and cut. The Tories' message seems to be “Happy Christmas – you’re stuffed” and “Happy New Year – you’re closed!”
Stop the Tories wrecking schools in Hammersmith & Fulham - join the protest on Monday 7 January.

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