21 January 2008

'De-residentialisation' - new word for cuts

Tory Hammersmith & Fulham council has embarked on 'de-residentialisation ' of sheltered housing. That means removing resident wardens from sheltered housing, which is not why older people moved into sheltered accommodation in the first place.

This cut saves £300k in 2008-9 and a further £300k the following year. But residents have already complained about this because it seems the council is not waiting for the budget to be agreed or the new financial year to start. De-residentialisation is already being implemented!

Yet another example of the Tories picking on the elderly in the borough.


vernony said...

Quite clearly if the residents were led to believe that Sheltered Housing included a Warden when they moved in and nothing was said about it being a temporary arrangement, or subject to change, then I assume that they have a legal case for breach of contract. Let me most kindly point residents to my web-site which is www.shelteredhousinguk.com

John said...

Surely this cannot be true! I have noticed all the new signs placed on the lampposts across the borough stating "putting residents first".

How much did these cost? The price of a warden?

From what I gather it should be "putting residents first unless you are vulnerable, a cost - then we will make inconsequential savings by cutting our services to you"


ming said...

Dear John, as with most or all other matters you can find out via a Freedom of Information Request with the council. Do you need directions for this?