05 July 2007

Who's watching neighbourhood watch?

Local neighbourhood watch schemes have always been politically impartial, working with the police to help prevent crime.

That was until the Conservatives took control of Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

First the boroughwide Neighbourhood Watch Association appointed former Tory government minister Douglas Hurd as its president.

Now the council is issuing press releases about local Tories running neighbourhood watch schemes. Anthony Frieze, who chairs Avonmore & Brook Green Conservatives and was runner up in the Tories' selection for their Hammersmith parliamentary candidate, is singled out in the following release:


Strangely these neighbourhood watch meetings seem to be attended only by Conservative Party members. And the council again is publishing party political propaganda paid for by council tax.

1 comment:

MING said...

Dear Miss HF CW

What are you griping about the attendees?

Surely your rabble would be attending too?

Its not a closed party at all.

Where are these parties supposed to be held?

You need wider circulation.