04 July 2007

Hundreds set to lose home help and support

Hundreds of home help users in Hammersmith & Fulham will lose this vital service if the Tory cabinet agrees a major cut at its next meeting on 16 July.

In a desperate bid to slash social services spending, the Tories propose to re-assess the needs of almost 1500 older and disabled people to see whether they will continue to receive home care and other practical support with meals, equipment and daycare.

It is expected that well over 500 people will have their service withdrawn, with the prospect of many more ruled out of services in the future.

The Tory cabinet paper anticipates a legal challenge to this huge cut in services to some of the most vulnerable people in the borough. And the report calls on the cabinet to consider further cuts in the coming months.

Protest against this disgraceful move at the Cabinet meeting on Monday 16 July at 7pm at Hammersmith Town Hall.


MING said...

A friendly Council member, fairly high up in the organisation (and who wishes to remain anon for now) passed informed me of the following list

(please copy and paste the following URL into a new browser window)


I have no idea what this list is about.


MING said...

Btw, Miss HF CW

you are going on about nonsense again.

With reference to "But Cllr Phibbs hadn't done his homework. He continued to deny that the council is cutting funding to the voluntary sector despite the evidence (see previous blogs) of 18% cuts within this financial year in grants and more cuts next year along with hikes in rents and reductions in rate relief." ..

... I suggest somebod(ies) just wave the relevant papers from the crowd.

Please ensure these somebod(ies) have your glasses on when they do this.

No good waving random papers at all!

Do you have copies of the relevant papers, or are they missing?

Shall I find them for you (again!)?