16 July 2007

Questions Tories can't answer on home helps

In a dismal performance at Hammersmith Town Hall this evening, the Tory cabinet agreed to end home help services for more than 500 older and disabled people. Many more vulnerable people face losing their home help service later this year in the latest Tory cuts.

The disgraceful decision was matched by the Tory councillors' ignorance about the impact of the home help cuts on older and disabled people, who will be affected, how they can appeal against the removal of their service and what alternative support they might be able to use.

Tory leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh kept repeating that the Conservatives were making the cuts "with great regret". He and his fellow Tory cabinet members showed no signs of regret for the hundreds of people who will be left isolated and at risk without a home help service. Just to pay for a small council tax cut.

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MING said...

A cut of how much? If you state ... *()