15 July 2007

Questions Tories can't duck on home helps

The Tory Cabinet in Hammersmith & Fulham is due to scrap home helps for hundreds of older and disabled people as part of its £34 million cuts package on Monday 16 July (see previous blogs).

More than 500 people will lose their home help service with almost 900 others facing the same prospect later this year, if the Cabinet goes ahead with the cuts.

Questions the Tory Cabinet must answer include:

* how many people will lose their home care and other services and why?
* how many more people will lose their home care service later this year?
* in the future how many people will never get the service they need because of the cuts?
* how will the council decide who will lose their service and how can people appeal about the decision?
* what support and services will be provided instead to people whose home help is scrapped?
* how much will these cuts cost the council in the long run as people's needs increase because they can't get the support they need now?

And finally why are the Tories making some of the most vulnerable people in the borough pay for the cut in the council tax?

JOIN the protest on Monday evening from 6.30pm outside Hammersmith Town Hall - the Cabinet meeting starts at 7pm.

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