05 July 2007

Tell them what you really think

If you're angry, upset or disgusted about the Tory councillors' cuts to home helps, the police, the voluntary sector or other local services in Hammersmith & Fulham, tell them what you think at their surgery.

The best surgery to go to is on the first Saturday of every month (ie Saturday 7 July) from 11am-12noon at Fulham Library (if it hasn't been closed down by then), 598 Fulham Road.

There you should find either Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh (Tory council leader), or Cllr Antony Lillis (chief cutter) or Cllr Greg Smith (partner in crime).


MING said...

Hello. If you need a contact number to figure out which people would be around, please ring Fulham Library 020 8753 3877 who would tell you which councillor is on the schedule.

The council is very open with its information.

MING said...

Dear Mr HF CW

Would you allow me to raise your game just half a notch. Not a notch, but just half a notch. About half an hours worth - the lowest in the country.

I asked you regards what contact the hut association is on, and you said ( blah blah blah -- you didn't know - blah blah ).

Just to sure, the council is very open with its information, so you might consider stopping your garbled warbling, entertaining as it is.

The answer (to my original question) is :


(please copy and past the above URL into a separate browseer window as I'm not using html coding tags)

59 Godolphin Road
Shepherds Bush

W12 8JF

Ms Jacqueline Boyce
Centre Manager
Tel : 020-8743 2034

email contact : hutassociation@btclick.com


Freedom of Information
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2005 give people the right to request information held by public authorities. This Right to Know allows you to access a range of recorded information held by the Council, such as emails, minutes of meetings, research or reports. Information will also be available on this website and through our Publication Scheme.

How to make a request

By email: FOIRequests@lbhf.gov.uk

I'm sure you would regard this matter in a constructive light, and look forward to (as I said) your raising your game and of your pals on the Tory bench somewhat.

If you want to give me a carpeting about this post, please email r96harris@yahoo.com. Or ring me.

I charge a very large expresso for half (half!) an hour of consultation.

Well, anyone can email me really - lol.



MING said...

sorry for these multiple postings, but

"Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh (Tory council leader), or Cllr Antony Lillis (chief cutter) or Cllr Greg Smith (partner in crime)."

is not entirely right, because the selection of sweets on offer is rather random.

But try your luck anyway, see what you get, and please report any absentism. (this is a council reporting metric).

Absentism is a council reporting metric, I stress in all seriousness.

*Please report absentism* to this blog and it would be fed into the council reporting matrix.

Stay well.

MING said...

Time constraints mean I can't compile all posts into one long email.

A question was raised regards where exactly is 598 Fulham Road

The answer to be found using the following web site :


Then another question was raised regards how to get there. Suggestions :

a. via helicopter if you are one of those unluckly 2% who live outside a one mile radius of the place.

b. By taxi, limo

c. By bus : where you can go to