06 October 2011

Tories cut police as gun crime, burglary and motor vehicle crime rise in Hammersmith & Fulham

Gun crimes, burglaries and motor vehicle crimes in Hammersmith & Fulham have all risen sharply since last year, far outstripping London as a whole. The latest figures from the Met reveal that in August compared with the same month in 2010:

  • Crimes in which guns were used rose by 200% in H&F, while in London as a whole they actually fell by 4%.
  • Burglaries in H&F went up by 28% against an also worrying London-wide increase of 14%.
  • Thefts of and from motor vehicles in H&F increased by 41%, but by only 0.085% across London.

 Source: Metropolitan Police

Meanwhile, Tory H&F council is cutting neighbourhood police sergeants and slashing the police budget by more than £600,000 this year and nearly £2 million over three years.

A toxic combination of local Tory ideologues and Boris Johnson in County Hall is making our community less safe.


Anonymous said...

Gun crime has gone up from 2 to 6. Hardly a crime wave an extra 4 incidents is it.......?

HFConwatch said...

Not only is this a particularly nasty crime but H&F Tories said they would cut crime by 60-80% if elected. The figures - including the 12-month comparisons at http://tinyurl.com/6fltrsp - show they have signally failed to do this. Nationally and locally, they should not now be cutting police budgets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying.

Didn't mention in article that they pledged to cut crime by 60-80%. However the number of crimes in HF have only gone up by 4. Not 4% but 4 crimes. And if you are going to use small numbers to say how one crime has increased hugely you can do the same on how they have decreased crime saying that they have cut rapes by 50% as well.

Just seems you have cherry picked the 3 crimes that make them look the worst, ignoring others where they have stayed relatively constant which is slightly disingenious and alarmist in my opinion......

Anonymous said...

Four incidents is four too many. And those incidents don't just affect the victim but victim's families. Also, one of those crimes happend right after school in broad daylight in full view of a street full of primary school children - they and their families watched a man get shot to death, watched his hysterical and distraught girlfriend who had been sitting beside him, watched people try to put him back together and save his life. Those young children are victims of crime too

I don't think its sufficient to say 'oh the rest of crime is staying the same/just a few things are going up' because cutting policing leadership is not going to help.