15 August 2011

Official: Hammersmith council cuts over £600,000 from police budget with more to come

Those who follow HFConwatch on Twitter will know that trying to get Hammersmith Tory Cllr Greg Smith to admit how much his council has cut from its crime budget is like pulling teeth. Now the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle has confirmed that over £600,000 is being slashed from this year's budget and that "additional council cuts will be made over the next two years" (see here).

Multiply that by the three years of the budget and it comes to nearly £2 million cut, which is about what we've been saying all along.

Mr Smith says borough commander Lucy D'Orsi is happy with the reduced police numbers. Nearly as happy, we'd imagine, as having words put in her mouth when she can't disagree publicly.

Btw, to see Ms D'Orsi's latest update, click here.

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