14 October 2011

Meet Liam Fox for cash, say Hammersmith Tories

We confess that the first part of this title isn't ours but that of sharp, right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes, who has been passed an invitation to a Hammersmith Conservative Association dinner with Liam Fox on 29 November for only £65. "I am sure he will be a lively and fascinating speaker" says the invitation.

As Guido says, "It  will no longer cost you a £10,000 retainer with a lobbying firm for some face-time with Liam... Cheques made payable to Mr. A. Werritty?" Full details here.

At times like this, disgraced ex-ministers need their friends around them. And given what a sterling apologist for Liam Fox our own Tory MP for Chelsea and Fulham Greg Hands has been (see here), the dinner must surely go ahead.

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