25 September 2011

Tories railroad through Hammersmith Embankment scheme, try to stop discussion, don't explain £13m "Section 106" payment

Exceptionally shameful goings-on from H&F Tory councillors on Friday as they railroaded through property speculator St. George's massive Hammersmith Embankment scheme. See Labour opposition leader Steve Cowan's blog here for details.

A few points to note:

  • The fearful Tories tried to block Steve from speaking (but he spoke anyway).

  • There are suggestions that the council unlawfully sold the planning approval for a £13 million Section 106 agreement. 

  • Tory councillors and the council officers are not providing information about the many meetings that they have had with St. George.

What a nonsense this makes of the Tories' claim to be "Britain's most transparent council". As Private Eye - which regularly features H&F council in its Rotten Boroughs section (and celebrates its 50th birthday this month: hip, hip, hurray!) - might say, "Pass the sick bag, Alice".

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