10 October 2011

Greg Hands throws up smokescreen to defend Liam Fox

Greg Hands, Tory MP for Chelsea and Fulham, has been touring the TV studios this morning defending his old friend Liam Fox. He made this surprising claim: "Nothing illegal has happened. Dr Fox has made no commercial gain from this. There have been no breaches of national security".

But how can Mr Hands say so categorically that nothing illegal happened or that national security wasn't breached? Has he gained some sort of mystical insight into what the Ministry of Defence's report, due later today, will say? Or is he just indulging in the same sort of speculation (albeit in Fox's interest) that he criticises in others?

And by claiming that Dr Fox made no commercial gain, Hands is using the old politician's Aunt Sally of denying something that no-one has suggested. The allegation is that Fox's laxness (for want of a better word) enabled his close friend Adam Werritty to make commercial gain from their relationship. On that, mystic Hands is silent.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Greg Hands is in favour of fox hunting? What favours does he owe Liam?