02 October 2008

Tories panic over gridlocked borough

With just four weeks to go until the Westfield shopping development opens its doors for business, panic is spreading about looming traffic chaos.

In today's Evening Standard H&F council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh rather belatedly warns that local roads won't be able to cope with the extra cars heading into the borough to visit Westfield.

Three new stations are opening this month to serve the development but it's the road traffic which worries the car-loving Tories.

And having supported the closure of Shepherds Bush central line station for over eight months, the Tory council still hasn't managed to get a lift installed in the brand new station.

No wonder H&F Tories are expecting a backlash in the north of the borough come 30 October. A grim halloween is in prospect.

1 comment:

ming said...

Dear HF-Conwatch, here, I disagree with you slightly. I doubt there would be as much a traffic jam as expected.

Retail sales are likely to be down.

Perhaps lots of visitors, but not too many real buyers .. possibly.

We'd see.