01 October 2008

Lies, damned lies and the 'good council' leader

Tory H&F council leader Stephen Greenhalgh has been trumpeting his achievements in the Sunday Telegraph. Cllr Greenhalgh has also published a booklet on 'good councils' for the right-wing Centre for Policy Studies.

In his Telegraph article, Cllr Greenhalgh repeats untruths about residents' savings in council tax and fails to mention the impact of increased charges and huge cuts in local services.

For a full demolition of Cllr Greenhalgh's spurious claims, see: http://thecowanreport.blogspot.com/

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ming said...

Ah. This is simple. The issue of Kit Malthouse.

You see, Kit Malthouse's previously drawn salary (erm?!) whilst in the private sector was £100,000. This was drawn atop an entity that made about £40,000 a year in profits. The total worth of the company is (probably was) about £2 million.

Now, Back to the £100,000 salary, you really need two jobs (mentioned in the cowan report) in the public sector to make up for this all.

So, £100000 and the two jobs is explained.

Expensive stuff.