11 October 2008

Short back and sides?

The pavement on the Uxbridge Road between Boscombe Road and Percy Road was nicely re-laid only a few months ago, with railings removed to create more space.

But for the last two months part of it has been damaged, surrounded by cones and tape, and left untouched - outside No.179 (John's the barbers).

It's an eyesore and raises questions about why it hasn't been repaired. It's also not good for the small businesses along this part of the Uxbridge Road.

Who will fix it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

You may recall that in the last budget papers (Feb 2008) there was a £1,633,000.00 cut to the highways maintenance budget.

That has probably contriuted to to this an other similar situations aross H&F.