08 October 2008

Costly, confused, crazy - and that's just the Tory councillors

It must have seemed like a good publicity stunt at the time but the photo on the front of the latest H&F News has several Tory councillors holding self-descriptive banners:

Cllr Nicholas Botterill - COSTLY
Cllr Paul Bristow - CONFUSED
Cllr Frances Stainton - CRAZY

Unfortunately Tory leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh isn't holding the banner marked ILL-CONCEIVED.


ming said...

Dear HFconwatch, this comment is not directly related to your post, so I guess it could be deleted.

Nonetheless, what is the position of this local authorities cash? Has some of it disappeared under the ice?


H&F Council Worker said...

We have been assured LBHF had no money in Iceland.

However, we've all just been issued 90 day redundancy notices so they can cut our terms & conditions.

Doubtless this fine blog will cover as details emerge.

ming said...

And for the benefit of readers at large, may you continue posting these juicy details.

Don't use an email address already registered with the council.

Or just post anonymously - using an internet IP proxy if need be, and if you know how.