19 April 2007

Tories' attacks on public services get more exposure

Now the New Statesman has caught up with the Tories' wrecking of Hammersmith & Fulham:


Please send details of any other sightings.

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MING said...

Hello. In response to your post, I was randomly browsing the cabinet meetings and agenda.

Refering to the following URL (copy and paste please)


The documents for 19th Feb 2007 on Pg21 (paper version) and Pg26 on the electronic version detail the large number of efficiencies (ie cuts). It would not be safe to assume all these "efficiencies" are what they say they are - some of these are definitely cuts.

As for the money trail I was talking about, you would see the money trail showing the largest amount of money going to the Lyric Theatre (you will understand the significance of this).

Having looked at the figures, this is the one receiptant that in addition to receiving the largest sum of money, doesn't seem to have a cut budget.

If you don't understand the significance of the above, please have a look for member's declarations of interest, or post and let me know. Emailing me on r96harris@yahoo.com is a good idea too.

I understand you are on a protest tomorrow; best for you to understand this point before you go.