01 April 2007

Shaun of the dead party

So the Conservatives in Hammersmith have selected their candidate for the next general election.

Right winger Shaun Bailey plans to bring 'his principles' to Hammersmith. The question is what exactly has he been doing over the last few years apart from writing a pamphlet for the Tory thinktank Centre for Policy Studies. His fame seems to be based on doing media interviews based on that polemic and his work for MyGeneration charity.

But his so-called charity was only registered last year and has not filed any accounts or annual report. Its registered office is in north London not north Kensington where Bailey is meant to be hard at work.

Like all the other Tory candidates, Bailey shows no understanding of the scale of the Tory council cuts in Hammersmith & Fulham. Despite his 'charity roots', he clearly doesn't understand that making £34 million of cuts in local services is having a huge impact on the lives of vulnerable and elderly residents in the borough.

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