10 April 2007

Five nightmares come back to haunt Tory leader

The Conservative leader of Hammersmith & Fulham is so beside himself with local newspaper coverage of the council that he has written to complain about not one, not two but five separate stories in the previous week's paper.

Many of those stories will be familiar to readers of this blog:
* closure of local schools with sites being sold off to fill council coffers
* slashing of grants to local voluntary organisations
* charging residents £6.50 to have their garden waste recycled

Clearly Cllr Greenhalgh doesn't like it up him. Having attacked the vulnerable and defenceless with a £34 million cuts programme, he can't stand it when the local newspaper reports what is really happening in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The Tory leader should spend more time stopping party political attacks by the council and less time on writing pointless letters to the local press. Or perhaps Cllr Greenhalgh does us all a service by reminding everyone of the previous week's horrors.

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MING said...

It is clear correct to protest about the incorrect newspaper articles.

They were supposed to have been secret I am given to understand from this blog .. which gives the following source :


cited at :


(please copy and paste the entire URL into web browser)